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Evil Kat Comix
Evil Kat Comix is proud to be helping our very own Kimmy Pagnotta with the charity anthology she is organizing to help the victims of the Manchester tradgedy.
It's time to put the "book" in comic book!
To help countdown to the first issue of Evil Kat Comix Presents next summer Evil Kat Comix launches it's second web comic.

Every other Wednsday join us for a new chapter in the premiere adventure of the first hero of the EKU and watch her history unfold.

First installment 6/28/17.

Our flagship title, Evil Kat Comix Presents, is a quarterly anthology title spanning multiple genres that will contain every story from Evil Kat Comix and the first issue arrives next June.

The best part is you will get at least 134 pages of stories and bonus material in every issue for only $9.99. So for less than $40 a year you get every story about every character we have for an entire year.
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The countdown has begun to the first issue of Evil Kat Comix Presents and to help make the time feel shorter we are releasing Evil Kat Comix Presents: The Web Comic.

The web comic will post bi-weekly starting 6/21/17 and feature the same types of stories from the same creators as the upcoming book. The stories vary in length from 4-9 pages as we have a short time to show you a lot of stuff and give you a real taste of what's coming in Evil Kat Comix Presents
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