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When Detective Frank Gideon was hired to track down and recover a scroll stolen from the Falcraft University Museum he had no idea his life would change forever.

The scrolls were taken by a religious cult called The Order of the Crescent Moon and detailed a ceremony that would allow their high-priest to become the Avatar of Darkmoon, an ancient demon the Order worshiped

While interrupting the ceremony Frank was accidentally bonded to Darkmoon instead of the high-priest and Darkmoon's personality started to slowly overtake Frank's. With the aid of Professor Wilbur Hammington Frank searches for a way to sever his bond to the demon before he is consumed. Along the way Frank and Professor Hammington must evade the insidious machinations of the Order of the Crescent Moon who wish to prevent Frank from freeing himself so their demon lord can walk the Earth once more.
Avatar of the Demon- Part 2 of 5

Frank battles for his life against a demon drawn to Darkmoon's power. Meanwhile a mysterious woman begins asking around about the scrolls

STORY: Rob Ferreri
ART: Randy Meyer

24 Pages- B&W- $2.99