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Find out how two guys who owned a comic shop together at the Jersey Shore in the 90ís ended up indie comic publishers decades later. Also get the inside scoop on all of the titles launching this summer from Evil Kat Comix.
Evil Kat Comix Presents
Join Evil Kat Co-Publishers Rob Ferreri and Neill Hiltebrand as they are joined by special guest Randy Meyer. Randy is the Group Editor of Evil Katís Horror & Supernatural line as well as the artist on the upcoming series Darkmoon. Find out about the long road it took to bring this comic to life and how drastically it has changed over time and through different creators.
Darkmoon Debut
Rob & Hilty are joined by the writer, and one of the creators, of Project Shadow Breed, Justin Bartz. The series is relaunching with Evil Kat Comix after things didn't work out with their original publisher. Learn about what inspired the series and what new twists readers can expect from Marrok's new lease on life.
Project Shadow Breed Relaunch
Hey, Comic Fans!

Have you ever wanted to get a peak behind the curtain and see what goes into making the comics we all love?

Then join Rob Ferreri and Neill Hiltebrand, Co-Publishers of Evil Kat Comix, and get the stories behind the stories on...
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