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Rob Ferreri
Award-winning writer and director, Rob Ferreri, was born and raised on the Jersey Shore and now resides in sunny Florida with his incredible fiancť.  Not only an author of comic books, Rob is the author of The Line (a vampire action novel), People are Milk & Iím Lactose Intolerant (a collection of comedic anecdotes), and A Not So Amazing Comic Strip: Volume 1- Strip-O-Grams (based on the web series Not So Amazing).  Film was Robís first attempt at visual storytelling, He has written and directed two feature films, Camp Dead and Blood Feud,and has also created several successful web series, including: Not So Amazing, Outer Rim, and Geek vs. Geek. With a long career in filmmaking Rob has produced and directed several short films, music videos, and commercials, and has even been known to act on occasion.
Rob is the Head Writer and is also the Founder and Creative Director of Evil Kat Comix.
Neill Hiltebrand

Neill Hiltebrand (if that is his real name) has put pencil to paper for as long as he can remember.  He has had numerous classes in illustration and fine arts. He is a former Marine and current Firefighter for the Department of Defense. He is a Jersey Boy, and knows he could have won state if the coach had just put him in the game. He spends a decent amount of time and a lot more money working to replace a childhood toy collection he never should have gotten rid of. He has an amazing wife, and two great kids! He may not be Batman, but he has been known to dress like him randomly and dance in bars.  
Neill is a Staff Artist and is also the Art Director for Evil Kat Comix.
Randy Meyer

Randy Meyer was born and raised in North Dakota.  His love of drawing and cartooning was apparent at an early age.  He enrolled in as many art classes in school as he could, including a correspondence course through Art Instruction Schools before graduating High School.  While working to pay bills, Randy drew in his spare time to perfect his craft.  He has drawn cartoons for a local paper, including a series of anti-drug coloring comic books that were distributed to area schools. Even though he gave up drawing on a few occasions for various reasons, art always called him back, and he dove back into it with a new vigor and passion.  Among his other interests: Drawing comic strips, listening to a variety of music, and Dungeons & Dragons.
Randy is a staff artist and is also the Group Editor for our Horror & Supernatural line.
Kimmy Pagnotta
Kimmy Pagnotta is a recent college graduate who turned to writing as an emotional outlet.  In her spare time you can usually find her guzzling down a bottle of wine and hanging out with her dog (because dogs are better than people).  She also has a youtube channel where she does comic book reviews and is a big Bruce Springsteen fan.
Kimmy is a freelance writer for Evil Kat Comix.
Pete Carrello
Pete Carrello is from New York City and currently resides in the countryside outside of Colorado Springs.  Pete is a longtime comic book fan, and claims that Superman taught him how to read when the Catholic School nuns could not get through to him.  He enjoys writing short stories and is currently working on his first novel.  He also enjoys old time computer gaming and learning Linux.  He and his wife, Sherri, enjoy taking motorcycle rides together through the colorful scenery of Colorado.
Pete is a freelance writer for Evil Kat Comix.
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