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Evil Kat Comix has a mission to help comic books evolve. Comic Books have not changed their format since their inception, while other forms of entertainment have radically changed in order to survive. We don't listen to music on 8-track tapes or watch movies with film projectors anymore. Comic books have not changed and that refusal to evolve is leading to the death of print comics. The price of keeping the original format has skyrocketed to the point where comic book collecting has become a very expensive hobby and following even a single character's adventures can sometimes break the bank. It's time for comic books to evolve and truly become books.

Our flagship title, Evil Kat Comix Presents, is an anthology title that will be released quarterly and contain every story from Evil Kat Comix. The best part is you will get at least 134 pages of stories and bonus material in every issue for only $9.99. So for less than $40 a year you get every story about every character we have for an entire year. We want to make comic books an affordable and enjoyable form of entertainment again!

We also strive to give you a variety of entertainment spanning multiple genres. We have superhero stories, horror stories, and anything else that we think you'll enjoy. And with the range of stories in each issue there is something for everyone in each one. So give us a chance and help us save print comics and bring them to their next stage in evolution.
Help us save print comics and make them affordable again!
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