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Evil Kat Comix is always looking for new members of Team Evil Kat and if you think you have what it takes to land a spot on the team here are our submission guidelines:


We need to know that not only can you tell a story, but that you can do it in the proper format as well.

Submissions should include:

A short synopsis of a story, just a paragraph or two to sum it up.
A 4 page script based on the synopsis.

The script can be about absolutely anything and does not have to be any specific genre, but should show your use of captions, dialog, and pacing as well as general storytelling ability.


 Even if you're a great artist, we need to know you also have the ability to tell a sequential story.

Submissions should include:

A 4 page sequential story showing that you can draw human anatomy in proper proportions as well as inanimate objects. Your use of perspective and angles and ability to tell a story with pictures will factor in as well.

There does not need to be any captions or dialog as it is just a submission piece to gauge your skill and see what titles might be a good match for your style.

Submissions can be sent to: evilkatcomix@gmail.com
We will pay a competitive page rate for any material that we accept for publication.
All page rates will be negotiated prior to printing.
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