Evil Kat Comix
TASER: Initial Spark (1 of 6) & (2 of 6)
Reluctant CIA operative, Michael Grant is searching for answers about his missing wife while hunting for Axon, a terrorist with powers similar to his own.
DARKMOON: Avatar of the Demon (1 of 5)
Frank Gideon's life is going to hell... literally, unless he can find a way to sever his bond to the demon Darkmoon before it possesses him permanently.
HARSHWIND: Legacy (1 of 3)
By day Robert Neillson serves Charm City as an Assistant D.A., but by night he takes a more direct approach as the masked avenger, Harshwind.
GAMMEN: Who Is Gammen? (1 of 4)
Unravel a mystery over 1,000 years in the making... Who is Gammen?
MOMENT: Moment of Destiny
You've joined Alex Mora for the early moments of her career as a heroine, now see the story of how she got her powers.
NOT SO AMAZING: Out of Time (1 of 1)
Captain Amazing and Night Scorpion find themselves lost in the past after a mishap with a device confiscated from one of their villains.
FOR YOU (1 of 1)
Rosie has been dealing with depression ever since she lost her mother to a short lived battle with cancer. A demon named Joy tries to exploit her loss to claim the girl's life and soul.
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The inaugural issue of EVIL KAT COMIX PRESENTS is coming bringing with it a variety of stories spanning multiple genres. These stories are brought to you by an incredibly passionate and dedicated group of indie creators who are life long fans. Listed below are the stories waiting for you wrapped in a painted cover by the extremely talented Maggie Ivy.

$9.99 148 Pages,B&W. Coming 6/20/18
It's time to put the "book" in comic book!
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