The countdown has begun to the first issue of Evil Kat Comix Presents and to help make the time feel shorter we are releasing Evil Kat Comix Presents: The Web Comic.

The web comic will post bi-weekly starting 6/21/17 and feature the same types of stories from the same creators as the upcoming book. The stories vary in length from 4-9 pages as we have a short time to show you a lot of stuff and give you a real taste of what's coming in Evil Kat Comix Presents.

If you think you have to wait two whole weeks for more entertainment then you my friend are wrong as we will be launching a second web comic featuring Moment, the non-speedster speedster, which will begin 6/28/17 and also update biweekly and giving you Evil Kat goodness every new comic book day until issue #1.
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It's time to put the "book" in comic book!
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