Steve Killius

One fateful day, a very young Steve Killius sat down to watch a series of movies about stars and wars. This trilogy of laser swords and space pirates helped him realize that storytelling was an incredible way for a child to communicate.

So for years, he put pen to paper and fingertip to keyboard. Scripts were written, films were directed, and comics were clumsily stapled together. Over time, Jughead taught him that comics could be found outside of the Sunday funnies, and Spider-Man taught him that comics could have great magnitude.

Steve is no longer a child (legally), but his background in film and passion for sequential storytelling are grounded in that same awe he had years ago.

When he's not writing comics, he's thinking about writing comics, even if he's playing video games or doing voice over work while he's at it. He also runs a nostalgia blog called RoboFist's Revenge in his limited spare time

Steve is a writer for Evil Kat Comix.
Evil Kat Comix
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