Maggie Ivy

A freelance illustrator and artist originally from the Ozark area, currently living and working in Santa Monica.

In 2010 Maggie graduated from The Florence Academy of Art. Following her education abroad, she pursued illustration at TAD from 2011-2014. From 2014 to early 2015 she was in the mentorship program at Rev Art Academy.

Growing up Maggie was drawn to art so much because it was an outlet for building imaginary moments and stories. She was constantly pouring over illustrated books and covers of children's books (even at an embarrassing age) gushing over the lush images and beautiful illustrations. As she got older she found graphic novels and comics, the images and stories pulling her deeper into the world they were building. It was engaging.

These narrative elements and story building moments are things Maggie loves and seeks to constantly implement in her own work.

Maggie is the cover artist for Evil Kat Comix Presents.
Evil Kat Comix
It's time to put the "book" in comic book!
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