Rob Ferreri

Award-winning writer and director, Rob Ferreri, was born and raised on the Jersey Shore and now resides in sunny Florida with his incredible fiancť.

Not only an author of comic books, Rob is the author of The Line (a vampire action novel), People are Milk & Iím Lactose Intolerant (a collection of comedic anecdotes), and A Not So Amazing Comic Strip: Volume 1- Strip-O-Grams (based on the web series Not So Amazing).

Film was Robís first attempt at visual storytelling, He has written and directed two feature films, Camp Dead and Blood Feud,and has also created several successful web series, including: Not So Amazing, Outer Rim, and Geek vs. Geek. With a long career in filmmaking Rob has produced and directed several short films, music videos, and commercials, and has even been known to act on occasion.


Rob is the Creative Director and Co-Publisher of Evil Kat Comix.
Evil Kat Comix
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