Evil Kat Comix
MOMENT: Live in the Moment
Join Alex Mora for the moment that changed her life and transformed her into a different kind of speedster.

DARKMOON: Avatar of the Demon
Frank Gideon's life is going to hell... literally, unless he can find a way to sever his bond to the demon Darkmoon before it possesses him permanently.

GAMMEN: Who Is Gammen?
Start to unravel a mystery over 1,000 years in the making... Who is Gammen?

TASER: High Voltage
Reluctant CIA operative, Michael Grant is searching for answers about his missing wife while hunting for Axon, a terrorist with powers similar to his own.

NOT SO AMAZING: The Origin of Night Scorpion
Night Scorpion recounts to his friends Captain Amazing and Scuba Boy the story of how a mugging gone awry gave birth to the Sting of Justice.

SPIRIT GUILD: Houses of Fire
A historical fantasy adventure set on Long Island, New York in 1776. It pits four gifted spirit warriors from planet Rancientia against Pan, a powerful Rancientian spirit who has possessed the body of a British officer on Earth.

In the new millennia, SinTech, a private government contract corporation began developing a serum to turn ordinary soldiers into werewolves. With the backing of the US military, SinTech perfected the serum. In 2014, they created the first “wolf pack” of soldiers. What they didn’t expect to create was Marrok.


EVIL KAT COMIX PRESENTS is here bringing with it a variety of stories spanning multiple genres all wrapped in a painted cover by the extremely talented Maggie Ivy.
All of the storylines will continue in their own titles.

$2.99 36 Pages B&W & Color
It's time to put the "book" in comic book!
Coming 6/20/18
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