Writer Submission Guidelines

Artist Submission Guidelines

We have lots of stories we want to tell and we need to add more talented artists to the Team Evil Kat roster to do so.

Submissions should include:

A 4 page sequential story showing that you can draw human anatomy in proper proportions as well as inanimate objects. Your use of perspective and angles and ability to tell a story with pictures will factor in as well.

There does not need to be any captions or dialog as it is just a submission piece to gauge your style and see what titles might be a good match for you.

Send Submissions to:



Evil Kat Comix
Due to the amount of submissions we have been receiving we are currently only accepting story pitches that come with an art team attached. Our staff artists are maxed out on projects and it will be some time before they will be available to take on additional projects.

Submissions should include:

A short synopsis of your story, just a paragraph or two to sum it up.
A 4 page script based on the synopsis.

Inked character sketches by the creative team attached.
4 pages of pencilled and inked story pages based on the script.

We do have letterers that can be attached to the project if needed.
It's time to put the "book" in comic book!
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